Nature as our partner

A natural product like KOK'O is backed up by an environmentally-friendly philosophy. This is why our company's strategy relies on our care for the environment.

This care for the environment is not only limited to the production of our eggs. We strive to make our entire process sustainable. This begins with our attention to the living conditions of the chickens that lay our eggs, and extends to the distribution and packaging of our products.

Lecoque eggs devotes great effort to reducing its ecological footprint. For example, we have invested heavily in the filtration of our cooling water and have thus reduced our water consumption by 80 percent. We have also made the bold choice to use green energy and have installed solar panels. The water and energy consumption required to boil our free-range eggs is actually much lower than that in your kitchen.

Even the eggshells are given new life: they are processed to form a secondary product for use in agriculture. In short: we work as efficiently as possible, and avoid producing waste.

Our primary and secondary packaging is also subject to this same philosophy. The KOK'O 2x1 package is composed of fully recyclable PET and recycled cardboard.

"With KOK'O eggs, I can whip up a delicious salad with the snap of a finger."